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Videosetting/Virtual Setting

Inova.tv has been in charge of several TV programs and specials, such as TV Xuxa, Brazilian Day and the Xuxa’s and Roberto Carlos’ Christmas Specials, and also of some of our greatest names in music such as Capital Inicial, Asas de Águia, Jota Quest and others. Images are customized images produced on computer based on a concept for each situation. These images can be projected on different formats and surfaces according to the clients’ needs. Check the list below:

ESTAÇÃO GLOBO: 2006 a 2008

End of the year special presenting Ivete Sangalo, who entertain various guests from different musical styles.

Crazy about Music: 2006 to 2008

Show series with MPB stars; the Box Office receit was converted to institutions that deal with mentally handcapped patients.

HUMAITÁ PRA PEIXE: 2006 a 2008

Carioca Summer festival that for 12 years has shown the new trends on music and the names that Will rise in the music scene.


A tribute to Renato Russo that originated a DVD and a TV show for Multishow Channel.

Artists’ Shows

Asa de Águia, Capital Inicial (Das Kapital), Lulu Santos (Boogaloo e ligalá), Jota Quest (Oxigênio), Gilberto Gil (Eletroacustico).


An event gathering the participants in Nextel Club, whose main theme was Cazuza’s 50 years and Cartola’s 100 years.


Cultural Project that establishes the new trends on music, audiovisual and fashion through interactive panels, totems and screens.