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Mangueira’s Allegory Car: 2011

Samba School First Station of Mangueira closed the Monday night (March,6), the first parade night of Special Group of Rio de Janeiro. Along its parade through Sapucaí Street, the school invested in LED technology so to attract the public’s attention as well as the jurors’.

This year, Mangueira paid hommage to Nelson Cavaquinho’s centennial – samba composer and cavaquinho player – who was the hit in the 60’s, with the samba-story “The faithfyul son, Mangueira forever”.

Several samba rows enacted notorious moments of Cavaquinho’s life, since his bohemian side to his death. Teh last allegory car showed, in 80 LED modules (at the bottom of the car), different images specially created for the school: angels, seagulls, the school logo, among others. Those images moved the audience who applauded the thrilling tribute paid to the sambist.

The company responsible for the images was Inova.tv!

With 297,2 points, Mangueira scored in third, with maximum grades in harmony and ensemble. Beija-Flor from Nilopolis was the champion, and Unidos da Tijuca, second.


GR Estação Primeira de Mangueira
Story: “O filho fiel, sempre Mangueira”
President: Ivo Meireles
Carnivalmakers: Mauro Quintaes and Wagner Gonçalves

Visuals on “My Party” allegory car
Director: Jodele Larcher
Design: 1mpar
Production: Rodrigo Mendes
Technical Supervisor: Chelmi Paulo
Technology: LedCom