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OI FM, This is music: 2011

Inova.tv was responsible for the projections during the shows of the event “Oi FM is Music”, by Oi FM radio, at Fundação Progresso, Rio de Janeiro.

The event was on the night of August, 6 and carioca bands Tono and Cone Crew Diretoria participated, as well as DJs and radio men Marcos Bocayuva and Marcelinho da Lua, besides the main attraction of that night, musician Lenine.

Some pictures:

Crew “OI FM, This is music: 2011”:
Diretor artístico: Jodele Larcher
Executive Producer: Lucilia Coelho
VJs: Guigga Tomaz, VJ Chelmi and VJ Leo
Production: Rodrigo Mendes
Technical Supervisor: Chelmi Paulo
Technology: R2 Projeções