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Roberto Carlos Special: 2006 a 2010

Inova.tv was responsible for the visuals on the wide screen in King Roberto Carlos’ Christmas Special on Copacabana Beach, organized by Rio de janeiro City hall in partnership with Globo Networks.

On December, 25, on Copacabana Beach, a crowd of about one million people attended the show which was the final event in a cluster opf special celebrating the singer’s 50 years career. Live broadcasted for the whole country by Globo Networks, the show brought to the stage special guests such as Paula Fernandes, Exaltasamba, Bruno and Marrone, Beija Flor samba school. The King touched everybody’s emotions while singing his classics, besides hommage paid to Copacabana and Christmas.

Exclusive movs were created for each song, according to its theme, besides those inspired by Christmas itself.

Ficha-técnica “Christmas Special RC50”:
Director: Jodele Larcher
Designers: Henrique 1mpar, Guigga Tomaz e Robson Victor
Production: Rodrigo Mendes
Assistant Technician: Chelmi Paulo