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Xuxa’s Christmas Special: 2010

The traditional Xuxa’s Christmas Special was recorded live at Maracananzinho stadium, Rio de Janeiro, and, in 2010 it got virtual settings by Inova.tv

. In a playful mood, with many children and dancers, Xuxa entertained her guests Ivete Sangalo, Padre Marcelo Rossi and duo Victor & Leo. Singers Luan Santana and Maria Gadú were also lined up.

Onstage, heavy techology guided giant inflatable puppets, more than 400 dancers and allegory cars. Inova.tv’s mega projections composed the setting, which changed at each of the 20 songs and showed quotations from Childhood and Adolescence Bill of Rights.

Check the photos from the videosetting of the special aired on December, 24 night:

Crew “Visuais Especial de Natal Xuxa 2010”:
Director: Jodele Larcher
Designers: Guigga Tomaz, Robson Victor, 1mpar
Executive Producer: Lucilia Coelho
Production: Rodrigo Mendes
Technical Supervisor: Chelmi Paulo