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2011 Carnival Clips for Globo Networks

For the second year, Inova.tv designed the virtual setting for Globo Network Carnival teasers.

Special Group Samba Schools of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo had their samba stories translated into digital images. The clips were recorded live and with audience. Each samba school brought around 60 components – among dancers, baianas, rythmists and mestre-sala and banner-bearer – to represent their community and show the punch with each of them would hit the avenue.

The teaser were aired during the commercial breaks in February and March schedules, with the lyrics of the samba-story so that the audience could learn them and sing along.

Crew “2011 Carnival Clips for Globo Networks”:
Director: Jodele Larcher
Executive Producer: Lucilia Coelho
Designers: Robson Victor, Vinícius Fabretti e Michele Andrade
Production: Rodrigo Mendes
Technical Supervisor: Chelmi Paulo