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Carlos Gomes Theatre | Vitória-ES

The projection show was part of “Christmas of all times” celebration, na event organized by Vitoria City Hall, the Espirito Santo State capital.

The event took place on Costa Pereira Square and attracted the mob who was bewitched by 3D visual surprises. By means of the projection of light and sound, the public saw the building being demolished, circled by neon lights, transformed into an aquarium, besides Santa Klaus travel and a rain of Christmas gifts.


“Natal de todos os tempos” – Prefeitura de Vitória
Visual concept / Light Designer : Peter Gasper
Art Direction and Script: Jodele Larcher
Script and Design: Guigga Tomaz
Videodesign and Concept: VJ Erms
Design: VJ Chico Abreu and Fábio Araújo
Soundtrack: Golden Sounds Factory (Phantazma & Guto gonzalez)
Production: Bel Larcher and Marco Pierangelini
Projectors: ON Projeções