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Script of videomapping on Copacabana Palace

Inova was part of the creation team of the project collaborating with the script and musical curation of the videomapping presentation on the facade of the most famous hotel in Brazil. The artistic direction and production of content was in charge of the collective United VJs.

In 3D projection, Rio was portrayed through its natural beauties, the sport and its major attractions. To pack the film were chosen songs of different styles – including samba, funk, bossa nova – and that represent well the Carioca soul, such as “Rio 40º graus”, “Do Leme ao Pontal” and “Aquele Abraço.”

The project was part of Epson’s Mapping Chalange Tour, a brand of super projectors that took to the big cities of South America the show of art and technology in presentations that valued the cultural diversity.

The event opened the celebrations of the 95 years of Copacabana Palace.


Directed by VJ Spetto

Sound Track: VJ Zaz


VJ Spetto

VJ zaz

VJ Roger S

VJ Erms

VJ Robson Victor

VJ Flavio Reis

VJ Vini Fabretti

VJ Eletroiman

Thomas Mena

Helmut Breineder

Sumit Sarkar