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Domo projection

For the first time in Rio de Janeiro, the fulldome projection was launched on an inflated dome at The Ball Park, the entertainment complex located in Jockey Club, Gávea. That was a challenging project in which Inova took over the content creative direction and the operation.

For 16 days during Word Cup, the most hyped parties happened inside the dome which had 25 meters diameter, where people could enjoy an image immersion environment.

With four projectors of 15 thousand ansilumnes, the projections recalled the event theme, with graphics that explored the surface spheric format.

The work figured as a highlight on the cover of Backstage magazine, August issue.

DOMO Team:

Creative director: Jodele Larcher

Executive producer: Lucilia Coelho

Designers: Guigga Tomaz, Robson Victor e Emerson Queiroz

Operation: GuiggaTomaz, VJ Chelmi e Jodele Larcher

Production crew: Paula Marinho e Kelly Toledano

Release: Espaço Village