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Green Nation Fest – Sinta o Clima

Inova.tv was responsible for the production of audiovisual content and mapping of the three interactive venues that were part of the Green Nation Fest, Environment Festival of Cinema and New Midia which happened between May, 31 and june, 7 at Quinta da Boa Vista, Rio de Janeiro.

The “Feel the Climate” ambiances were a special attraction that made a huge success during the event, entertaining around one thousand visitors a day during the eight days festival. Allying the projections idealized by Jodele Larcher to art director Bia Junqueira’s settings, the venues allowed the immersion in ambiances that made reference to climatic situations of the planet, exploring audience’s sensations. A forest fire, a glacier and a flood were conceived so as to transport the visitor to another reality, educating and calling his/her attention to environment issues.


Green Nation Fest – Feel the Climate
Director: Jodele Larcher
Executive Producer: Lucília Coelho
Content Production: Silvia Sobral
Audiovisual content coordination and videomapping: Guigga Tomaz
Content: 1mpar, Roger Sodré, Robson Victor, Guigga Tomaz
Soundtrack and Mix: Joca fragoso e Yuri Ribeiro