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The great Brazilian samba diva, Alcione, invited Jodele Larcher to design the videomapping for her new tour “Eterna alegria”(Everlasting Joy).

With Sergio Marimba’s setting, projections gain size and form in the new show that brought alcinoe back to samba’s roots.

The show Ouverture displayed 3d images crested by American designer Jon Tojek (Hobbit, Avatar, 2012 among other works in his portfolio)

La Marrom appears inside the projection alluding to the butterfly and its symbology. Other Brazilian designers were in the creative team who took the arts to 21st. century.

Diretor: Jodele Larcher
Mapping/Operation: Dado Marietti
Designers: 1mpar, Erms, Guigga Tomaz, Jon Tojek, Robson Victor, Roger Sodré, Vinicius Fabretti
Production Assistants: Isis Passos e Paula Marinho
Projectors: Play Projeções