Video Ataq VIII

Invited by the Festival Multiplicidade Imagem_Som_United, Videoataq has reached its 8th edition, proposing an open and collaborative show of audiovisual works inside the Planetarium Da Gávea, opening up even more space for experimentation and improvisation of VJs and visual artists under different media.

The Multiplicity Occupation brought great news in its programming.

The Carl Segan Dome of the Gavea Planetarium hosted the Fulldome BR 2014 show with a selection of the best Fulldome UK films 2012-2014, recently held at the National Space Center in Leicester, UK. This is one of the most prominent 360º film festivals, with artistic and experimental spectrum. And to close two audiovisual performances: Herman Kolgen (Canada) and United VJs (International), who presented the work “Empathy” unpublished in Brazilian territory.

This edition was inspired by the BYOB (bring your own beamer) concept, or in Portuguese: Traga seu próprio Projetor! Project designed by the artist Rafael Rozendaal and that already happens in several cities around the world.

The Planetarium was available to anyone interested to bring their own display equipment and display their audiovisual work, whether short film, installations or audiovisual performances.



Chico Abreu
Leo Oliveira
Leticia Pantoja
Vinicius Fabretti
Miguel Bandeira
Maria Lakenman
Cristina Amazonas
Silvia Guimaraens
VJ Leandro
Daniel Gutnik
Bruno Queiroz
Isis Passos
VJ Montano
VJ Mossad
Agatha Brum
Bloco VamoET