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The Sambas

With the production of Inova.tv and directed by Jodele Larcher, the tv series “Os Sambas” (The Sambas) is a true menu of Brazilian batuques. With each new episode, a new genre with its beat and rhythm. Music, song and dance that translate the cultural manifestation of Brazilian regions and people.

It was exhibited on Music Box Brazil channel with its first run on December, 20th. The tv series was contemplated by Ancine public call and financed by Audiovisual Sectoral Fund with 13 episodes, bringing the following themes:


1. Introduction, 2. Samba de Roda, 3. Choro, 4. Ijexá, 5. Pagode, 6. Partido Alto, 7. Bossa Nova, 8. Samba Reggae, 9. Samba Enredo, 10. Marchinhas, 11. Samba Funk, 12. Samba Rock, 13. Jongo


Presents rich content from interviews with recognized names like Roberto Menescal, Leila Pinheiro, Xande de Pilares, João Roberto Kelly, Mariene de Castro, Carlos Malta, Moreno Veloso, Letieres Leite, Luiz Caldas and many others.