Songs stories on TV Brasil

História das Canções (Songs stories), is a musical tv series focused on the stories of great popular Brazilian music composers who have conquered country and marked generations.

With production of, direction of Jodele Larcher and music production of Adriano De Martini, each program is dedicated to an artist who sings and tells passages of his personal life and his professional trajectory while reminiscing his main hits. In addition to the interview, the program brings the unique musical performance of the artists singing their work, some special guests and excerpts from recent dvds of the honorees.

The viewer will laugh, get emotional, sing along and fall in love again with the songs and curiosities, causes and inspirations of their authors and interpreters.
In this first season, five names of the popular romantic genre starred in the series: Amado Batista, Bebeto, Michael Sullivan, Luiz Ayrão and Antônio Carlos and Jocafi.

All hitmakers artists, who were selling phenomena and had their songs eternalized. Through the stories of love, humor, disappointments, pain, and persistence in the life of each one of them, the audience knows closely what makes up the raw material of great successes.

One from Goiás, another from Pernambuco, a duo from Bahia, onde from Rio de Janeiro and another from São Paulo. This profile points also the plural feature of the tv series, presenting each one with a cultural and regional influence that make them singular.



Director: Jodele Larcher

Executive producer: Lucilia Coelho

Musical production and research: Adriano De Martini

Script: Kelly Toledano and Jodele Larcher

Production: Paula Marinho

Edition: Federico Bardini