Fado Festival on TV

The Canal Brasil exhibited a one hour tv special program about Fado Festival, that brought Portuguese artists from Fado new scene: Carminho, Raquel Tavares and Camané, and the group Amália Hoje who reinterpreted songs by Amália Rodrigues.

In addition to the songs, the special presents this musical genre under the perspective of those who live it today, addressing the strong characteristics, the feeling that the genre carries, its representativeness for Portuguese culture and the personal relationship of these artists with Fado.

The concert was recorded on 16th and 17th August 2014 and took place at Cidade Das Artes, in Rio de Janeiro.


Director: Jodele Larcher

Executive producer: Lucilia Coelho

Director’s assistant: Kelly Toledano

Production: Paula Marinho

Interview: Christina Fuscaldo

Images: Rodolfo Assis, Marcão, Felipe Jesus and Alan Kardec

Camera assistant: Danilo Pena

Video supervisor: Daniel de Souza

Editor: Federico Bardini

Assistente de edição: Mariana Mayrink e Raphael Azevedo

Festival curator and release: Connie Lopes | Zoocom